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[Pinned] Wooden Staff giveaways

If you have an active mage at level 70 or higher and have been unable to acquire a Wooden Staff, place your request for one here. Please include the following information in your request:1. name and level of your main character;2. names and lev...
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[Pinned] Sales prices

[Pinned] Sales prices

ManaMarket (written by Phoenix members Jero and Pjotr Orial) has historical prices.These are based on sales completed on ManaMarket, meaning that this is what people have actually paid. Frost, ...
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[Pinned] Rules
Rules & FAQ

[Pinned] Rules

I) General:Act 1: No insults, fake outs, insinuations, scams. RFC 1855 (follow netetiquette).Act 2: Don't spam (That includes trade spam)Act 3: You will always treat others the way you'd wish to be treated.Act 4: Respect game rules as Ian tells yo...
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[Pinned] Alliances
Our Alliances

[Pinned] Alliances

Now Alliance Guilds members can join also the Crew remaining in their original guild and vice-versa, new alliances will come soon. Every member of an Allied Guild will get the "Alliance" access to our website and they can attend to events organiz...
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[Pinned] Double People
Abuse Reports

[Pinned] Double People

We dont want any player with 2 char register in this clan to win 2 time at an event, so if you want do that you will have a warning, at 3 warning you are banned of the clan.Yes it's a new rules but it's a FUNNY Clan so try to dont forget that, I w...
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[Pinned] Rules
Abuse Reports

[Pinned] Rules

As the title say, drop here every player who dont respect the rules of the guild, he will have one blam everytime who i see his name here... At 3 blam I ban her/him of the guild, say me a reson and a screen if possible ;)Every player can be ban, t...
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[Pinned] FAQ
Rules & FAQ

[Pinned] FAQ

1) How does the Clan help me?The clan gives you help and / or supports you in leveling up, we asset in quests etc. ... It also allows you to meet other players who can speak your same language and help you speak to those who don't.2) Is the clan f...
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Music Share

Music share

So I like music and thought id make this for sharing some tune's.
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Mentor Zone

Crypt 3 Monster Placement, and Herding 101

I have created two videos on why I separate Skeletons from Red Bones and Wights, and how I accomplish that separation through isolation and consolidation. In the herding video, I don't talk right away, so be patient...I get started in a couple m...
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Mentor Zone

Illia Quest - Team Help

Hy hy !I heard, few peoples there need to build a team to make the Illia Quest.Let's talk about it here :)(I have experience into runner or warrior)
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Crew Bar

Poll: preferred day for events

Please log in and vote your choice! If you prefer one of the days, but can still attend on both days, please let us know.If you absolutely cannot be here on one of the days, please let us know that, too.
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General News

Terogan "event".

Hello everyone :)So, I have been talking to Roamingo about a potential Terogan "event". There is no prize to win, however. The prize is the fun we get out of the battles we fight together with the members of CRC, and anyone else that wishes to joi...
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General News

CRC representative char (events, donations, etc)

Hello Corsairs!This is to let you know that the char by the name of "Crew of Red Corsair" (or CRC, for short), is now up and running, and ready for duty. In case you did not know, CRC is our representative guild char (our "face", if you like) onl...
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Crew Bar

Ways to shrink image size before posting

Now that I know more tech people here than before I want to share (or better improve) my knowledge about posting images to CRC forum.I want to find a way (and commonly acceptable) to post more pictures while finding a suitable balance between size...
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Crew Intros


Hello! Thanks to let me be part of the crew!I'm Livio nice to meet you!
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Mentor Zone

CRC is here to help!

If you are hunting in the terra caves and get attacked by a hostile player 😡, let the Guild know!Your CRC mateys can help fight against unwanted attacks! 😄😆😀😃
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Mentor Zone

New Items showing as Unknown Items

If you're seeing some or all of the new items as a Unknown Item, First make sure you have the latest ManaPlus client (There is 2 ways to do this 1. When you first start the client, current version is at the upper left hand side. 2. When in game pr...
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Suggestion Box

'never attack any players' should be standard value

again it happened: having returned to playing as roamingo from before playing one of the alt characters, I unknowingly attacked an other player [sorry boppo ] before I realized that the setting had reverted to 'attack all players'. I do not cons...
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GM Events


A GM EVENT is planned for Saturday, June 23, 2018, at 17:30 server time!Here are the details: to see you there!
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Mentor Zone

Quick way to Magic Skill Level 2

Here is a quick way to get from general Magic Skill Level 1 to Level 2. This formula was given to me years ago by an experienced player named DingoDuck. He and his real life brother Billr were regular players in earlier days of TMW. Once you s...
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