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[Pinned] Wooden Staff giveaways

If you have an active mage at level 70 or higher and have been unable to acquire a Wooden Staff, place your request for one here. Please include the following information in your request:1. name and level of your main character;2. names and lev...
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[Pinned] Sales prices

[Pinned] Sales prices

ManaMarket (written by Phoenix members Jero and Pjotr Orial) has historical prices.These are based on sales completed on ManaMarket, meaning that this is what people have actually paid. Frost, ...
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[Pinned] Rules
Rules & FAQ

[Pinned] Rules

I) General:Act 1: No insults, fake outs, insinuations, scams. RFC 1855 (follow netetiquette).Act 2: Don't spam (That includes trade spam)Act 3: You will always treat others the way you'd wish to be treated.Act 4: Respect game rules as Ian tells yo...
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[Pinned] Alliances
Our Alliances

[Pinned] Alliances

Now Alliance Guilds members can join also the Crew remaining in their original guild and vice-versa, new alliances will come soon. Every member of an Allied Guild will get the "Alliance" access to our website and they can attend to events organiz...
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[Pinned] Double People
Abuse Reports

[Pinned] Double People

We dont want any player with 2 char register in this clan to win 2 time at an event, so if you want do that you will have a warning, at 3 warning you are banned of the clan.Yes it's a new rules but it's a FUNNY Clan so try to dont forget that, I w...
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[Pinned] Rules
Abuse Reports

[Pinned] Rules

As the title say, drop here every player who dont respect the rules of the guild, he will have one blam everytime who i see his name here... At 3 blam I ban her/him of the guild, say me a reson and a screen if possible ;)Every player can be ban, t...
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[Pinned] FAQ
Rules & FAQ

[Pinned] FAQ

1) How does the Clan help me?The clan gives you help and / or supports you in leveling up, we asset in quests etc. ... It also allows you to meet other players who can speak your same language and help you speak to those who don't.2) Is the clan f...
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Crew Bar


i dont know what about english soeaking forum, but on all russian speaking forum there is such forum game. The rules are easy. Example:"i wrote word rednext user post should be his association with this word "red" - he writes colornext user associ...
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Crew Bar

Music share

So I like music and thought id make this for sharing some tune's.
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Crew Bar

Old Sparky Makes It

Finally, Old Sparky has graduated to LVL 90! That makes my 4th LVL 90+ character. Now Old Sparky can participate in the "Running of the Bulls". 8*)
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Event News


Challenge:Run Candor solo, start to finish, without dying.Requirement:A GM must be present to witness your run.Reward:Something "classy" from a GM.For more details see:
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Crew Bar

A soon ending story : Tanith preparing the Illya Sisters Quest

Hi you Corsairs,We talked about it sometimes, when I was on line, on the guild channel.So, just a few words to say that I adjusted my stats (thanks to Rill - can't comment here but : *helpful*), collected all the items needed (+health items and fi...
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Suggestion Box

Unfinished Quests in TMW

I recently thought about all of the unreleased Items and unfinished quests that are currently in the game. After I had some ideas about the Cerhan Quest in the Graveyard Inn, I messaged Micksha and we talked about it for a while. We thought that e...
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General News

Current Polls now Open for Voting

There are now two polls open in TMW forums relating to subjects recently discussed both in-game and in the CRC forums. So if you would like to vote and comment in one or both of the polls, here is your chance:https://forums.staging.themanaworld.o...
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Mentor Zone

Keeping up with your Account's character stats

I'm making this post so that new members will know how to fill in their account details and keep them up to date. These are screenshots on how you account details are supposed to look like.
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Event News


🐰🐣🐰πŸ₯🐰🐀🐰GM EASTER EVENTSunday, April 1, 201817:00 server time's hoping for a good turnoutand the best of luck to our Crew!🐰🐣🐰πŸ₯🐰🐀🐰
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General News

Big drop party on Sunday 03/11

I will quit this game and give away anything I own on the said date.Reason: Dark Helm handout by GM. Which counteracts all my efforts to get it the regular way. Hundreds of hours lost, and I am perfectly sure same thing will happen with Cap Hat or...
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General News

Current Issues, for your consideration

CURRENT ISSUES, for your considerationThe purpose of this thread is to get your opinions on certain in-game issues. The information you provide will be the basis for a poll or polls to be posted in TMW forums, where the entire TMW community will ...
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General News

Receipts "As confirmed by a TMW managing committee member, any poll with at least 18 "Yes" votes out of a total of at least 25 votes will be passed and codified into TMW, and enforced in-...
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General News

CRC representative char (events, donations, etc)

Hello Corsairs!This is to let you know that the char by the name of "Crew of Red Corsair" (or CRC, for short), is now up and running, and ready for duty. In case you did not know, CRC is our representative guild char (our "face", if you like) onl...
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