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#13539400 Nov 23, 2017 at 09:32 PM · Edited 12 days ago
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my little stand-alone stats and DPS calculator, is just released in a new version: 1.4.
Now includes Focus power.

You can download here or on the official forum.

Version 1.41:
- fix for Staff damage with #confringo
- spell mob "stun" calculator
Download here v1.41 or on the official forum.

Version 1.6:
- full featured stun meter, as previous one was inaccurate and limited to spells
- fixed archery speed and some minor fixes.
Download here v1.60 or on the official forum.

Version 1.61:
- Improved mob's hints to be more useful.
- Fixed Elemental resistances versus spells.
Download here v1.61 or on the official forum.

Version 1.62:
- Improved mob's hint (shows bonus damage due to strength)
- Fixed critical rate with Raging skill
- Fixed critical rates (server side formulas are a bit weird.)
- Fixed dodge rates for mobs
Download here v1.62 or on the official forum.
#13633610 Feb 02, 2018 at 04:49 PM · Edited 1 day ago
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v1.6.3: Not released.
- Fixed Mobs never dodge

v1.7.0: Legendary items.
- Added legendary items effects
- Added Double damage capacity (for Bull's helm)
- Added bleeding capacity (for Banshee bow)
- Added arrow types
- Added Additional random vitality absorption
- Improved Speed values, but can still be a difference of 1,
due to conversions float / integer
- Fixed Vitality stat could not get malus
- Fixed some typos

Download here v1.70 or on the official forum.
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