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Here is information about certain Quest Rewards not detailed on the wiki -

Reward: Antler Hat
Level: 70
Location: NPC Yerrnk in Barbarian Village
Prerequisite: Complete all 3 sections of the Raging Skill Quest.
Requirement: Have Antlers in inventory when you talk to Yerrnk.
Cost: Antlers and 5,000,000 gp

Reward: Cashiers' Shade
Level: 85
Location: NPC Hydusun (banker) in Tulimshar
Requirement: Have 10,000,000 gp in inventory when you talk to Hydusun. (You get to keep the gp.)
Cost: Free

Reward: Pointy Witch Hat
Level: 90
Location: (See Illia Sisters Quest)
Requirement: Be on the winning team after four or more consecutive losses, and each team member gets a random reward from the chest. (After nine consecutive losses, the rewards increase to two each.) The Pointy Witch Hat is among a number of random rewards, as is the Wooden Staff, so you may or may not get it. (For a loss to count, a team needs to get at least past the waterfall before failing.)
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