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#13980751 Mar 08, 2019 at 03:59 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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You have more or less two choices when leveling from 90+:

1. Beeing slow without the need of consumables

- As a mage spamming confringo drains mana quick and one need to sit down and regenerate often

- warriors level slow in general and need to sit down and heal often

- archers need at least arrows (so they are out of this category)

2. Beeing fast(er) but use consumables

- spamming zukminbirf without using mana will burn through iron ores quite quick (and it does not stun)

- using healing potions and iron potions and concentration potions as a warrior (or archer)

- using better arrows (terranite arrows e.g.) as archer

With option two one needs to farm those items tho and that does take time.

So i made me a troll build. :)
The troll does not need any consumables and does not need to sit down and regenerate anything. Its killing speed might be slower then with other classes but the time saving from not farming or regenerate makes it faster and more comfortable to play imho (you should really give it a try):

Cat Ears
Ruby Ring
Forest Armor
Leather Gloves
Kid Book
Heart of Isis (or something else)
Terranite Legs
Warlord Boots

Mallard's Eye Skill

Stats (I might refine them a little bit later):
str 100=99+1
agi: 60 = 56+4
vit: 1
int: 1
dex: 75 = 72+3 (for Terranites 80 might be better)
luk: remaining points

With this The troll has a nice range (5 tiles) to not get hit and can stun Male Skeletons and Zombies and Yeties reliable, Terranites mostly (every now and then on hit will miss... it is the same with archers afaik?). Some crits from time to time too, depending on luck.

Edit: Refined stats and equippment.
#14001103 Mar 27, 2019 at 11:01 AM
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Seems like a great build! It's probably best to not go to monster-crowded areas, though, as you will probably get hit often and die (1 vit). I would personally, if I were to go in a group, go for Red Stockings as shoes and I would personally not use the Leather Gloves either. Higher defensive items don't help with 1 vit, and the magic attack penalty keeps you from healing your teammates from further distances for example.

The troll build is a good build to go farming without the need of any items and vit, and for players with not a lot of GP to spare, this is a great solution to a known farming problem. High attack and a good amount of agi means relatively fast kills. Once you're level 99, and your luck is at a good amount, you may want to put a few points in vit for survivability reasons (health regen).

That is just my personal thought on an already great build :D
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