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Crew Introductions

Crazyk8e :)

I am sailing the Australian seas currently, although previously I was sailing the American ones. I came to this game because my partner (known previously ingame as Gliktch) was in search of a game we could play together. His work life grew a bit m...
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Crazyk8e1964Small Crazyk8e 4y
Crew Introductions

Forest :)

Hi mi IGN is Forest, hope to get to know the most of you guys i can. TMW is relaxing i like many of the music there and the forest exploring theme of the game. My goal right now is to be high lv so i can help lowbies, because that is the fun about...
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Forest3712Small Forest 4y
Crew Introductions

Mew ;3 It's Chiarana

Okay everyone, first of all thanks for adding me to the guild. ;3 *purr*here are some short informations about me. =^,^=Name: MelanieAge: 25I'm from germany. heheWell i like cats (and to act as one most of the time), animes, and mmorpgs. (who had ...
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Crew Introductions


hello! I'm Iahc Im male archer lvl 73 at the momment play tmw since there's a way to travel from Tulimshar to hurndscald by walking! there's no more exist now U have to pay 500gp in a boat! I'm from Argentina, I use linux and I like free software...
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Crew Introductions


* Captain : Reid* First Mate : Ariana* Chief translator : Salaza-Shi* Navigator : Maxxie* Triumvira :* Chef Clan Master : Varuna* Clan Master : Haunted* Clan Master : Alastrim* Lieutenant :* Translator : Poool* Be...
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Reid21062Small Nard 6y
Crew Introductions


Hehe me in first :p, So who I am? The cap'tain ;) with a long story, was play here for the first time more than 3year with an other name 'Kurapica' was level 79 bla bla bla... Now I'm Reid, yes yes, the Great Captain! Level 80 on Reid Yakolev Char...
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Reid41463Small Nard 6y
Crew Introductions


I'm Salaza-Shi, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't from Reid-Yakolev. I was a noob and se helped me and since then, she is my mentor and she gave me her trust.I live in Canada, int the province of Quรฉbec, So I can speak french and I learned english e...
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Crew Introductions


Hello, guys and gals i choose this char name thinking of a friend of mine called "pรดl", just add some "oo" and thatwas it, it wasn't calculated to make peolpe think in my char as a swimming pool."Urme" the great Uruguayan mage speaking french int...
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Crew Introductions

Hi there

Just wanted to say hi to everyone :)I'd be the latest member here, and just wanted to introduce myselfHope to have lots of fun in this, the best clan ever ;)
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