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'never attack any players' should be standard value

again it happened: having returned to playing as roamingo from before playing one of the alt characters, I unknowingly attacked an other player [sorry boppo ] before I realized that the setting had reverted to 'attack all players'. I do not cons...
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roamingo4268Small Marius 152d
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Unfinished Quests in TMW

I recently thought about all of the unreleased Items and unfinished quests that are currently in the game. After I had some ideas about the Cerhan Quest in the Graveyard Inn, I messaged Micksha and we talked about it for a while. We thought that e...
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Narouv9482Small John H. 220d
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Operation Staves

Well, lots of players are seeking for the Wooden staff. As you get it only at a chance of 1:2 per char at Cindy, you need to level up 3 chars to level 70, on average. Thats alot of work. And there are rumours that chances might be even lower, but ...
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Aisen4617Member avatar small Aisen 1y
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tmw's main cities to the new fusion world

Reid:I may need your help for one task thenI would like to make a good port of tmw's main cities to the new fusion worldfor this, I would like to make the state of art of nivalis, tulim and hurnsalthough, the game changed since I left, and I'm a b...
Small Brusselmans 2y
Brusselmans1820Small Brusselmans 2y
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Demand for CRC batwings shop?

Hi, Crew!I ask everybody: is there a demand for a batwing shop? It would buy batwings for 100gp (max amount 5000, then 10000, if needed), and sell for 100gp only to CRC members. You lose 1/2 of your daily quest money, but you won't have to collect...
Small Travolta 2y
Travolta5254Small Travolta 2y
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New Quest Idea, need help!

Hello all, as some of you may know by now I have today been thinking of a new quest for our lovely game. So far my idea revolves around a romantic male NPC in Tulimshar who is working on the reconstruction after the great quake. He is magically in...
Small Crazyk8e 4y
Crazyk8e52011Small Crazyk8e 4y
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Event suggestions

One week Character levelling contestplayers have to create a new char who has to register for th event to the crew. They have one week to increase it's level to the maximum they can.Golden MouboosCRC members will have to vote for the best role pl...
Small Nard 7y
Nard578Small Nard 7y
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Did you like the Easter Quest - Poll

Since the old poll have status: This poll has expired.Its time to add a new one.So a new poll is what we want.Perhaps like this one: "Did you like the easter event" pollSince it ended today it seems a nice poll to have.So what did you think of the...
Small Ametz 8y
Ametz41547Small Reid 8y
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Experience party groups

We should have a few experience party groups and make a list of them.Something like: CORC1 CORC2 CORC3 CORC4 CORC5 So that all members can get exp with each other.And then to have some kind of idé where ppl are add their name under the pa...
Small Ametz 8y
Ametz2828Small Reid 8y
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Idea for new event follow this post, say me here each idea who you have to make a new event, I have some in my head but if you have some other its again better ;)
Small Reid 8y
Reid1730Small Reid 8y
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As always if you have an idea about a new event I will see what I can make to creat it ;)So send here all idea of you have
Small Reid 8y
Reid1717Small Reid 8y
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