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News from Evol :D
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General News

[Pinned] CRC representative char (events, donations, etc)

Hello Corsairs!This is to let you know that the char by the name of "Crew of Red Corsair" (or CRC, for short), is now up and running, and ready for duty. In case you did not know, CRC is our representative guild char (our "face", if you like) onl...
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[Pinned] Mumble Server
General News

[Pinned] Mumble Server

Dear Crew,Our good friend veryape provides a mumble server, that we can use for our needs.Server: *Port: * Password: *[* Edited to hide the server information from public view. Crew members can view the information further down in the posts. - Rill]
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General News

tmw's main cities to the new fusion world

Reid:I may need your help for one task thenI would like to make a good port of tmw's main cities to the new fusion worldfor this, I would like to make the state of art of nivalis, tulim and hurnsalthough, the game changed since I left, and I'm a b...
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General News

Join new CRC voice chat channel!

Ahoy, mateys!We've got a brand new voice chat channel.Quite a few corsairs have joined already, don't hesitate to join too. Some of us were not willing to talk at all, too shy, bad English etc. You can just mute yourself and listen only anyway, if...
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General News

PvP tournament.

Hello mateys,Despite PvP being so broken, sometimes it's fun. I will participate in Nitay's PvP tournament ( solo and in 2vs2, but I'd also like a team representing CRC to be assembled...
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General News

Chicka Maria left Alliance and any contact with CRC

I am sorry to announce that Chicka Maria (*) has broken any contact with CRC and deleted her account which was still on alliance. We wish her the best winds though we regret that a gentlemen's agreement with her and Mana empire could not be foun...
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General News

Guild bot is off :(

Guild chat/bot temporarily downFrost informed us that this service he hosted could not be provided as is. The transfer to platynum (TMW server) is the probable short term solution.Nard
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General News


I made a mumble server especially for The Mana World.Mumble is a program allowing you to talk using microphone in other players.So, I invite you all to join. Talking hands-free while questing together and meeting people better is really priceless ...
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General News

CRC members purge

Before the incoming events we're planning a big purge on CRC members, marking those who left the game or joined another clans as "ex-members" (just a title, ex-members are "guests").If you're in the list below and want to mantain your member statu...
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